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Apex Pharmacy San Diego is aimed at providing convenience and savings to the community with free medication home delivery and a lot more. The objective of this free service is to provide responders with delivery right on their doorsteps, so they can concentrate on healing fast, and they can be back on their feet. The Family Medical Pharmacy in San Diego is dedicated to enhancing the quality of patient care.


Improving Your Health

Getting you better and back to health is our focus and we don’t want to see our residents stressed over the commute to obtain their medication when they could be focused on feeling better to return to the things that they love. We are more than just any pharmacy. We are a Family Medical Pharmacy in San Diego. We do all it takes to improve our service so that it benefits our customers.

Meeting your Specific Needs

This is especially helpful to people who are sick or injured and do not have relatives to physically pick up their prescription. That is where this community pharmacy in San Diego comes in to fill this specific need. You need your prescription to feel better and heal faster, and we are ready to help you. In fact, we take your health seriously and we will go to lengths to ensure that you are never out of your prescribed medication. And more importantly, our cost is made low, just to ensure that you get the best savings. With these savings, you can be able to do other things with your hard-earned money. Getting your Family Medical Pharmacy in San Diego has been easier.

Pride and Dedication

We are a dedicated Family Medical Pharmacy in San Diego that takes pride in our services. We are the best online pharmacy in San Diego, offering quality medication and optimal service. We work with the medical community to have prescription delivery to residents in no time and on an automatic basis each month.

What We Provide

With us, you no longer have to spend so many hours on the phone calling in for your prescription. You do not have to spend hours in long lines, trying to pick up your prescription. We can put you on our automatic home delivery and have your monthly prescriptions mailed or delivered to you in fast time. This might seem as if it is a small service, but for some people, it is a big deal and a major convenience. We provide you with no-hassle prescription filling and pick up.

We will fill new prescriptions and existing ones:

  • Family Medical Pharmacy in San Diego
  • On our mobile app
  • By phone

All you have to do is to sign up for an account online, put in your information, and we will work with your physician to ensure that your prescriptions are properly routed and subsequently sent to you directly with no hold-up or mix up.

    • One-on-One   Consultations

      One-on-One Consultations

      Have questions about a medication or medical condition? We’re here to help with one-on-one consultations with a pharmacist.

    • Patient Privacy

      Patient Privacy

      We value patient privacy, so we protect your personal information carefully. We never share or release your information without your written permission.

    • Home Delivery

      Home Delivery

      Unable to get to the pharmacy? Set up home delivery with APEX. The medications you need will be delivered right to your door.

Never Missing A Beat

At our medical center pharmacy in San Diego, we will handle the communications about your prescription with your doctor. We will provide you with quick delivery and efficient service. Our automatic delivery service prevents your medication from lapsing, which means that you will not go a day without them. You will always have access to medication. We make it convenient to drop off your prescription at a place specified by you. This could be your office, home or any other location, even while you are in the hospital recovering from your illness. We never miss a beat.

Order from the Comfort Of Your Home

Our online pharmacy in San Diego saves you time while you focus on other things. We provide you with access to other resources, and we accept most health insurance policies. Right from the comfort of your home, you can order your prescription, transfer them from another pharmacy to us and refill them when you are ready. Why is this important? It frees you up to do other significant things of value to you. We will customize your medication refill and packaging, organizing how and when you receive your prescribed medication.

Our Delivery

  • Delivery will be direct to you and to no one else!
  • Delivery will be fast and on time!
  • Delivery will be confidential and convenient with no shipping cost!
  • Delivery helps you avoid the worry and hassle of not having to commute to fill a prescription.

We have you covered!
Our pharmacists are here to coordinate and organize your prescribed medication, so you can reap the benefits of financial savings and convenience. You can pick up the phone can call to speak to one of our pharmacists, if you have any questions or concerns about entering our program or the need to know something about how our program can effectively work for you. If you need expert advice, our staff will assist you and guide you through the various procedures.

APEX Community Pharmacy offers a vast range of services to address all of your needs. We offer personalized care for you because that is how a pharmacy experience should be.

  • Free Delivery

    Free up time, skip the trip, and allow us to deliver what you need right to you.

  • One-on-One Pharmacist Consultations

    When you need professional advice about medication, side effects, or anything else, we give you personalized consultations with the pharmacist.

  • Veterinary Medications

    We know your pets are members of the family. We may have access to pet meds at lower costs than your veterinarian.

  • Refill Services

    We offer automatic refills every month. With automatic refills, you won’t have to worry about a missed dose or going out of your way for refills.

  • Vitamins & Supplements

    Need a specific vitamin or supplement to support your health? We can order what you need upon request.

  • Insurance Verification

    Allow us to handle insurance verification for medications. Simply give us a call to get started.

Community Driven

Apex pharmacy in San Diego has been in the community for years. The customers that continue to do business with us for years value us. We are committed to excellent service and getting to know our customers and their needs so that we can fulfill their objectives for improved health.

We take satisfaction in knowing that residents consider us the best medical pharmacy in San Diego. It is a privilege to serve our community. We offer caregiver resources and support by negotiating your insurance rates on your behalf.

Clinically Efficient

We are a medical clinic pharmacy in San Diego, aiming to unite our resources and our passion to serve the community and customers with exceptional pharmacy services. We provide our customers with the information and tools they need to make the process of receiving their prescribed medication easier. We pride ourselves in hiring, compassionate, experienced, and clinically knowledgeable staff to provide accurate and unique service.

You can carry out all your transactions in our online pharmacy San Diego where you can create an account, log in and choose the options that best suit your particular needs. Not many pharmacies offer this kind of service, but Apex Community Pharmacy, we do!

Building Customer Relationships

We are unlike any other pharmacy San Diego since we actually build relationships with our customers. This is not just a walk in, walk out pharmacy. We cater to our customer’s needs in more ways than one and try to provide them with optimum customer satisfaction and service; all wrapped into one. We provide the guidance necessary so our customers can maintain a healthy lifestyle, focusing on their ailments to get them back to good health. That is the big difference between the mainstream retail pharmacy and us. Our staff is attentive, caring, and professional, carrying out every transaction with efficiency and compassion. We go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our customers are well taken care of.

Let Us Help You

We urge you to give us the opportunity to continue to serve you as part of the community of San Diego. We want to give you the ideal pharmacy experience, one of excellence and superiority. We are considerate and loyal to our customers and think it a true honor to provide the kind of service that you will never forget or take for granted. We are proud to be the source for all your pharmaceutical needs. We want to make a difference in your health and so, we invite you to join the Apex Community Pharmacy where you will get personalized treatment for all your health needs.


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