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4 Reasons You Should Use a Local Pharmacy

Although a large chain pharmacy may seem like a good option when you need to have a prescription filled, there are times when you are better off going to a local independent pharmacy instead. Your local pharmacy might not have the brand recognition of some of its nationwide competitors, but it almost certainly offers a level of service that you can’t find anywhere else.

More Personalized Service

Perhaps the best reason to go to a local pharmacy instead of a chain store is to receive more personalized service. The staff at an independent pharmacy will be members of your community, which means they will be more likely to know you personally. Speaking to a pharmacist or tech who knows you by name is sometimes enough to make you feel more welcome as opposed to just another number at a chain pharmacy. A pharmacy staff that knows you well will also be able to better monitor any chronic health conditions you might have so that you receive the help you need when you need it.

Paying the Same Prices for Most Prescriptions

Many chain pharmacies will have you believe that they will always have lower prices for prescriptions. While that is sometimes the case, most generic medications will be the same price if not cheaper at a local pharmacy. Some local pharmacies can work with you to find other options if your insurance won’t cover a specific medication.

Making It Easier to Speak with a Pharmacist

While it certainly isn’t impossible to speak to a pharmacist at a chain pharmacy, it might seem like a little too much work. Chain pharmacies tend to be busier than independent locations, and they won’t always have a pharmacist who is familiar with the neighborhood or the clientele. On the other hand, a local pharmacist can often take the time to speak with customers in case they have questions about their prescriptions. In fact, many customers at independent pharmacies are served by the pharmacist directly as opposed to a cashier or pharmacy tech. Naturally, these pharmacists are more familiar with customers and their needs, which just makes it easier for them to serve the public.

Giving Back to Your Community

Finally, going to a local pharmacy does more than just help you; it helps your community. Small local businesses need all the help they can get right now, and patronizing a local pharmacy will ensure that your money goes to those who need it in your neighborhood instead of a national corporation. Going to a local business to have your prescriptions filled might not seem like much, but it makes a big difference.

When you need to have a prescription filled, why not skip the large corporations where you are just a number? A local pharmacy can provide the same services with a more personal touch, especially when you need an important medication or advice on dealing with a chronic health condition. Stay Local and Stay San Diego Strong with APEX Community Pharmacy. Come visit us today or call us now to speak with a pharmacist.

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